About WorkProfile
WorkProfile - The New Dynamic Social Network

WorkProfile is a social networking site used by individuals, recruiters and businesses to find talent, products and services. If you have not registered and created your WorkProfile then you won't appear in any searches, meaning lost opportunities.

When you register you fill in your WorkProfile, which is simply your skills, career history, experiences, interests and ambitions all showcased in one neat profile, your WorkProfile.

Having a WorkProfile is also a great way to record your achievements to date, and let people know what you want to achieve in life. This is of interest to employers, your peer group and those looking to connect with people that have your skills.

WorkProfile.org has the ultimate resource to simplify, connect and promote your skills to recruiters and beyond.

  • Create a WorkProfile to get selected for jobs
  • Your WorkProfile will be viewed by employers
  • Discover learning & training opportunities

Catering for the low-skilled up to senior executives, WorkProfile presents a whole new opportunity for users to connect to recruiters, jobs and learning opportunities.

The employment market presents a constant challenge to candidates, recruiters and employers. WorkProfile acts as a bridge to ease some of the difficulties and support users in finding opportunities, recruiters, mentors, education, live events, support and more.

WorkProfile lets you discover learning opportunities, courses, webinars and 'how-to' videos. Your career is always a work in progress. We all benefit from learning new things, meeting new people and finding new opportunities. WorkProfile provides this and more.

You can engage with other users in hubs (social groups based on a particular interest) and post your status updates and blogs. You can follow users you are interested in and they can follow you.

Create your WorkProfile now and open up a world of new opportunities.